• UNCONDITIONAL Aqua heavy cashmere handknit beanie.

UNCONDITIONAL Aqua heavy cashmere handknit beanie.

£99 £169

One size

UNCONDITIONAL Signature cashmere beanie. Knitted in 100% luxurious 'grade A' thick pure cashmere knit.

NB : Grade A Cashmere has the longest hairs and is the finest grade of cashmere classification.they have the smallest diameter, ranging from 14 to 15.5 microns: these longest, finest hairs feel the softest, and natural piling is also reduced. Our cashmere sources are stringently tested for the purity . i.e. no other materials to dilute or bulk it out.

Colour : Aqua

Product Code : CASHCAP8S

Care : Ideally handwash. Do not tumble dry or loose.

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