London's UNCONDITIONAL is now 9 years old. Designed by Philip Stephens, it initially started as a capsule collection of mens knitwear for his Concrete Shop, in Soho, London and was first sold in 2004. Mens was joined by a small womens collection 2 years later. UNCONDITIONAL has shown on the official London Fashion Week schedule for 7 seasons, starting in 2005-6 , and also for two seasons in each of New York, Shanghai and Amsterdam. 

The first UNCONDITIONAL standalone store opened in London next to the Covent Garden Hotel in 2008. 

UNCONDITIONAL is said to be very London in its attitude yet with an ease and understated simplicity sometimes described as quite American. From the beginning the collections have been said to be "a winning combination of the laidback and the edgy" .The backbone of each collection remains a unique range of ‘luxury basics’  with an overlay of more special pieces; usually favouring a relaxed style, UNCONDITIONAL is often mildly androgynous. UNCONDITIONAL has established its own feeling of a modern elegance with a dash of pure rock’n’roll – pieces that are uncompromising in their attention to detail with high quality fabrications, that favour pure, natural, ethically produced fabrics and yarns. Clean, strong silhouettes are always intentionally quite sexy, often balancing a signature of drape set against structured, architectural tailoring. The brand's cashmere knitwear has many fans.

The mens collection caters to a wide range of men from film, sport and music such as actors Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Jared Leto, Sir Ian McKellan, Luke Evans, Orlando Bloom, Johnathan Rhys Meyers, footballers David Beckham , Dijbril Cisse , and Thierry Henry, to musicians The Prodigy,, Depeche Mode, Mr Hudson, Mika, Skunk Anansie, Tinie TempahDavid Bowie, Kanye West, David Guetta, Royksopp, Kasabian, Will Young, JLS …  and onto the ladies front, from Rihanna , Skin, Gwen Stefani, Chrissie Hynde, Patti Smith, Kelis, Pixie Lott, Tori Amos, Cameron Diaz, Annette Bening and even Madonna… showing a truly diverse appeal. " We hate all that celeb stuff but sadly that's all people seem interested in these days".  

We particularly love our core clients ....  and also offer a bespoke sizing service through the Covent Garden Store .

Some favourite bits of press which we try to live up to ····················

“Like an experienced writer, Stephens has been playing with the language of formal dressing, the vernacular of sportswear, the vocabulary of womenswear. The result is an accomplished and imaginative collection that achieves a sophisticated and elegant look without ever being boring, formal or traditional, without ever appearing too dressy or too fashion. This innovative combination of street style and formal elegance makes UNCONDITIONAL one of London’s best designer labels.” Peppe Orru, Collezioni

 "The creations of UNCONDITIONAL communicate a distinguished comfort, an air of serenity, as if the slightest gesture of the person wearing them were enough to radiate elegance. UNCONDITIONAL represents another turn of the screw in elegant modernity as a clear example of the simple, of the strength of cuts performed with care and attention to detail in collections charged with a contemporary attitude. Design with pure cuts, clean and forceful colours, the absence of prints and stridency, all orientated toward highlighting the personality of the person wearing them, without exaggerated displays of emotion. Perhaps for this reason it is one of the brands having the most impact on British Fashion today."   Atlas of Fashion Designers 2009